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Seek Out the Positive (and It Will Spread)

If you have ever had to work with negative people, have you ever noticed how their negativity impacts you? It is contagious.

Guess what? Positivity is contagious too! When you surround yourself with people that tend to see the best in all situations, then you’ll find yourself on a positive kick too.

When you’re positive, you’re more effective. You’re more resilient when things start to go wrong – you know you are going to make it through even the tough times.

A friend of mine had a great perspective on this; She had a positive outlook toward rain when most everyone else grumbled about it. When it rained, she watched people scurry from their cars into the building – everyone tried to get out of the rain as soon as possible. But she had a different strategy: she took her time getting to her destination and appreciated the rain- even on days when she forgot her umbrella! Rain gives life to so many things, and it is calming to stroll in the rain if you allow yourself to appreciate it. There are so many positive things about rain – and just a few negative ones.

When you work with positive people, you are free to be more creative in your work and take more risks. Unfortunately, even good ideas get shut down quickly in negative environments.

How do you change your surroundings if you work in a negative environment? You can be the catalyst for the change. Commit to yourself and others that you won’t complain about things. And that you’ll work to find solutions to issues instead of just accepting them.

How have you experienced positivity (or negativity) in your work?