Initial ThoughtsThe thinking I’ve done about this is pretty minimal but I need to dedicate some time to it this week while I am out in Washington visiting Rachel. I October 7, 2023

A Powerful Mindset Shift: “Everyone is Doing Their Best”Do you want to be more helpful and have more impact in your conversations? A friend of mine, Caroline asked an important question: “Do you think May 22, 2020

The Magic of Seeing OthersIt doesn’t have to be massive effort — it just takes a small gesture. In a very short timeframe, the world has changed. But you have the power to March 23, 2020

Getting Clear on What You Want“Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want?” -Beastie Boys How well have you defined what you want out of your career and your life? When I ask my coaching March 8, 2020

The Difference Between ‘BEST’ and ‘EFFECTIVE’What do you think the difference is between the BEST tech staffer and the most EFFECTIVE? Over the past couple of years, I have experimented with a February 10, 2020

How to Get Anything You WantFor many years of my life, there was a dull hum in the background of my inner monologue. It wasn’t loud, but it was powerful. I wasn’t even February 3, 2020