The Magic of Seeing Others

It doesn’t have to be massive effort — it just takes a small gesture.

In a very short timeframe, the world has changed. But you have the power to help make this easier to navigate.

Yes, you. You have the power to create magic.

We are in this thing together. If we connect with our friends, our families, acquaintances, and even those that we don’t know (in safe, social distancing ways), we see hope.

This week, I’ve reached out to several people (via text, phone calls, video, and email) to see how they were doing. And it has been amazing — people are genuinely grateful to be seen.

Seth Godin in his May 4, 2014 blog post wrote, When we offer people a chance to matter and to be seen, we have the chance to offer them something magical.”

So get out there and see” others. And watch the magic happen.

It is just that simple.

March 23, 2020