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You Are an Artist

In my 20+ year IT career, not one person has ever said, “You’re an artist.”

I’m betting you’ve never heard it either. But you most certainly are an artist.

Seth Godin defines an artist as, “…someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo.”

Do you see yourself and your work in that definition? I certainly do.

Every technologist I’ve ever met has to use insight and creativity every day: troubleshooting new issues, designing new systems to meet a customer need, or coaching a customer on how to use an application to get their job done.

Even a brand new analyst assigned to the helpdesk with a book full of troubleshooting scripts to walk customers through solving their issue has to use artful practices to help calm frustrated and impatient customers. Over the long term, they can’t be successful if they don’t apply some art to their interactions.

No one wants to talk to a robot – but all too often we approach the delivery of technology services like we are automatons.

Don’t be a robot – be an artist. Be brave and bold, help your customers change – change their attitude, be helpful, and effective.